10 Reasons YOU'LL Raising Kids in DC

Ok so some people who don’t know me well or who can’t read my charming sense of humor, did not understand that when I made a list of reasons you’ll love raising kids in DC and included, “Kids become excellent rat hunters” that I was joking. Sort of...

Do you want to know why it’s really great to raise kids in the DC Area?

Free Museums – You just cannot beat this. The Smithsonian offers 17 DC museums / galleries and the zoo and they are free. This can really keep you and the kids busy. People who live in DC are well aware of the fact that we have access to all these amazing museums and they take advantage of it! Museum of American History is one of our favorites. There’s Natural History, Air and Space, the Hirshhorn, American Indian, African American History.https://www.si.edu/museums

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