5 Buyer Pitfalls Home Buyers Should Avoid

Finding a home can be a long process for anyone wanting to buy a home. Some buyers find themselves getting distracted while searching for their “perfect” home. They want the perfect location, perfect floor plan, and perfect paint color. Whether you’re a seasoned home buyer, or this is your first time, avoid these common buyer pitfalls.

 Not Seeing the Potential

 Have you ever fallen in love with the outside of a house and then open the front door to a disaster? Before looking at houses, you create a meticulous list of wants and needs for your new home. What do you do if a home doesn’t check off every item on that list? Many home buyers get caught up in the appearance of the house right now. They forget to look at a house for its potential in the future. Things such as carpet, countertops, and paint color can all be changed or updated. When searching for your new home, look at the structure itself before scratching it off your list. That house could end up being a “diamond in the rough.”

 Choosing to Skip the Inspection

 A doctor is to a patient what a home inspector is to a house. Damage or potential problems could be lurking beneath the surface of a house. Even if it appears to be in great shape. In a competitive market, some home buyers want to skip the inspection to close faster. An inspection helps a home buyer understand any potential problems they could run into before buying a home. The last thing you want to do is spend tons of money on repairs because you skipped an inspection.

 Not Thinking of the Future

 Although the future is always uncertain, it’s important for home buyers to consider the future when searching for a house. If you don’t plan on moving in the next 5 years, take into consideration what your future could hold. Maybe you’re a newly married couple who plan on having children. Searching for a home that has 5 bedrooms instead of 2 may be beneficial. The size of your family shouldn’t be the only thing to consider. Do you have plans for pets? Make sure the outdoor space will be big enough for any four-legged family members you add in the future.

 Forgetting Your Needs

 After weeks of searching, you finally find “the one!” The problem is, it doesn’t have that two-car garage you said you needed. Don’t let all the great aspects of a home rule out what is important to you. Buying a studio apartment when you really need three bedrooms just isn’t going to cut it. Focusing on the aspects you need in a home will ensure you aren’t disappointed in the future.

 Avoiding Using An Agent

 You decide to buy a home, and your first step is to shop online instead of calling a trusted Real Estate Agent. It’s nice that listings are available online, but they aren’t always accurate. Speaking with an agent will guarantee you get in front of the homes you actually want to look at. Some homes may not even be listed online yet, making you first in line for your potential dream home. An Agent can also help answer any questions about a home you may not know from searching online. This is one buyer pitfall you should always avoid! Contact one of our agents to make sure you stay focused and find the home of your dreams!

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