7 Reasons Your Master Bedroom Is 'Turning Off' Potential Buyers

When you sell your home, you want every person that walks through the door to put in an offer. But, that won't happen if they see things that make them want to run for the door. If you're hoping to see more "action" when it comes to selling your house, stay away from these master bedroom turn-offs.

Paint Color

Bedrooms are a place of relaxation and rest. It can be hard to relax in a room that's painted in bright, bold colors. If this describes your bedroom, consider painting it a pastel shade of the same color. Or, a more neutral beige or grey color.


Those boudoir style photos of you hanging over your bed are best removed and tucked away while showing your house. You might be proud of your smokin' hot bod, but that doesn't mean potential home buyers want to see it.

Anyone that views your house wants to envision themselves living there. If they see personal photos of you and your family, it's harder for them to do that. If you love having the pictures up, simply tuck them away during showings. You'll be able to hang them up soon enough in your new home.

Medical Equipment

Some people need medical devices to sleep. But, that equipment doesn't paint the best picture in the bedroom. Thoughts of sickness, disease, and death can have potential buyers running for the door.

If you use medical equipment at night, tuck it under the bed during showings. Some devices can't be removed, like shower railings for an aging relative. If possible, find a way to cover or decorate them to look more inviting.

Dirty Laundry

You know that saying "don't air your dirty laundry"? Well, don't display your dirty laundry during a showing either. No one wants to see a pair of stained underwear laying around the room.

The dirty pile of clothes can also make it seem to potential buyers that you don't keep a clean house. Or worse, don't take care of the needed home repairs. These buyers may not make an offer, or if they do, it could come in low because they think they'll have a ton of work to do after closing.

Either way, take care of your dirty laundry.


What you do in your own home is your business. But, when you leave your X-rated toys out in the open, you make it everyone's business. Not all home buyers are ready to purchase a 50 Shades of Grey style home.

You can use drawers, baskets, or boxes to store your "items" when they aren't being used.


Pet Supplies

Have you ever walked into a room with a dirty litter box? Then, you know how overwhelming (and not in a good way) the smell can be. If you know ahead of time that a showing will occur, take a few minutes to empty the litter box ahead of time.

If you have a dog or some other pet that isn't house-trained yet, make sure you clean up any pee pads or waste collection areas, too.

You…in the bed

This should go without saying, but you shouldn't be home during a showing. And, you really shouldn't be sleeping in your bed as potential buyers come strolling through your bedroom.

It's a little awkward for everyone.

If you can't leave during certain hours, let your agent know this before anyone books a showing of your home. It will save everyone the embarrassment of walking in on you "snoozing" in bed.

Now, not every home buyer will be completely turned-off by seeing these in your bedroom. Depending on your neighborhood/buyers, some of these could actually be a big selling point.

But, if you don't want to take any chances of scaring off potential buyers, take care of these "turn-offs" before letting people into your home. If you need a Real Estate agent to help you sell your home, give DC Real Estate Listings a call.


We want to hear from you. What's one thing, if you saw it in a master bedroom, that would make you not buy the house? Have you seen any of the items listed above?

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