Build a House on Vacant Land in DC, Maryland & Virginia

Have you been unsuccessful finding a house and now you are considering if you should build a house on vacant land? While this idea can be really exciting it also has a lot of unknowns. In this video we go over how to buy land and build your own house. We are going to examine the pros and cons of building your dream house on your very own piece of land. This isn’t for the faint of heart, so we’ll talk to a Maryland land developer—who also happens to be my amazing husband—to learn more about the process.

How To BUY Land And BUILD Your Own House

We will cover the following key steps in buying land and building a house:
1. Finding Land
2. Building Regulations
3. Site Plans & Master Plans
4. Utilities
5. Environmental Issues
6. Permits
7. Zoning
8. Feasibility Studies

Buying land comes with its own set of hurdles and hoops that you've got to jump through before you get to the point where you can pour a foundation. There’s a lot to know, from feasibility studies, contingencies on the contract that have to be satisfied before settlement, and zoning. So, want to learn more about how land development works? Check out the video!

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