DC Boat Tours: The Best Way To View The City

Taking in the sights of Washington, DC isn’t limited to dry land. View the National landmarks, museums, and parks in the area by boat. Grab your friends and set sail for a day of fun on the Potomac River.

Potomac Riverboat Company

What better way to see the history and beauty of Washington, DC than by boat. The Potomac Riverboat Company offers many different tours. You can even rent a private yacht or charter boat for personal use. The captain and crew narrate each excursion. Some of their most popular cruises are the Washington Monument Cruise, Mt. Vernon Cruise, and the Canine Cruise.

Washington Monument Cruise.

Enjoy views of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, JFK Center for Performing Arts, Arlington Memorial Bridge, and the Washington Monument from the boat deck. Passengers can board the boat in either Alexandria or Georgetown. The cruise will last about 90 minutes total.

Mount Vernon Cruise.

This sight-seeing tour takes you to the home of George and Martha Washington. Cruise past the sights and sounds of the city as you make your way to Mount Vernon. Once the boat docks, passengers can take a 4-hour self-guided tour of the home, gardens, pioneer farm, and education center.

Canine Cruise.

Who says boats are just for humans? Dogs ride free on this canine-friendly excursion. No dog, no problem. This cruise is open to anyone and is only a quick, 45-minute ride on the Potomac.

DC Ducks

It’s a bus. It’s a boat. It’s a duck boat. DC Ducks offers an amphibious tour of the DC community. The narrated tour starts at Union Station. Passengers will see the monuments, museums, and other views of the city. You will then continue to the Potomac where the “bus” will transform into a boat. The cruise will continue down the Potomac as you see more landmarks along the way.

Odyssey Cruise

The Odyssey Cruise ship is for anyone wanting a more elegant boating experience. View the historical landmarks and scenery of DC in the glass-enclosed ship. One of the most popular Odyssey Cruises is the lunch or dinner cruise. The cruise usually lasts from two to three hours and includes a three-course meal and live music.

You can also book a cruise for holiday events, parties, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. If you decide to cruise on the 4th of July, you can watch the DC fireworks show from the boat deck.

Spirit Cruises

Want a cruise that combines dining, entertainment, and historical exploration? Then, this is the cruise for you. Spirit cruises offer a lunch and dinner cruise complete with buffet, live DJ, and games.

If you sign up for the Mount Vernon tour, you will have 3 hours to explore the home, gardens, and farm of our former President. This tour also includes breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Spirit Cruises also offers special events like Saturday Gospel lunch and Senior Bingo. They even offer tours on Holidays.

These DC sightseeing tours are a great way to have fun with family and friends. Enjoy a cruise any time of the year. Dine on board the Odyssey or see Mount Vernon with the Potomac Riverboat Company. No matter which tour you choose, you are sure to have fun.

Have you been on one of these tours? What is your favorite way to get around DC?

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