[DC Metro Schools] School Administrators Who NEED DETENTION! (2022 Recap)

Since Covid, a lot of school districts are suffering. Kids have fallen behind. Teachers are burned out. Let’s look at the year in review 2022 for DC Area Schools and see what’s going on..

Let’s Start this Party in DC

For the whole year, reports coming out of schools everywhere that teachers are quitting without notice and that the substitutes they are finding seem to be, uh, questionable. DC is no exception.

In the spring, the middle school in Glover Park / Georgetown had 28 teachers call in sick on the same day. This is when covid rates were rising and DCPS was too stupid to call the school year and let everyone be done. Kids were dropping like flies. They didn’t have enough subs to fill the open spots so they just piled the kids in the gym and let them hang out there.

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