Glover Park is Changing! Things You MUST KNOW

It’s been two and a half years since my Glover Park tour and since then we’ve all learned about a world with Covid. What happened in Glover Park? Businesses closed, and there have been huge changes with both real estate and the schools and a few good surprises. Let’s find out what’s happening in Glover Park.

Whole Foods is OPEN for business. The Glover Park Whole Foods was mired in legal controversy for several years all over rats. Yes, rats. Many neighbors followed the ups and downs of the legal case, but suffice it to say, the store has reopened and is the first Whole Foods Store to have totally contactless service. You scan your phone or the palm of your hand (I’m not joking) when you go in and shop, then scan your palm again on the way out. You never scan the groceries, the store just knows with cameras when items leave shelves and they are added to your virtual cart.

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