How To Stage A Home While Living There

You’ve officially put your house on the market. Congrats! Now, it’s time to get your home ready for potential buyers. Staging your home while you still live there can pose some challenges. Using the tips below should make the process a little easier.

 Clean Out Personal Belongings

 When a potential homebuyer walks into your home, they need to see themselves living in your home. Remove any family or personal photos from walls and tables. If you have children with too many toys, box some up and place them in storage. You should remove everything from your home except the bare minimum. This makes your home look larger and buyers won’t feel cramped as they are walking around. It’s a good idea to rent a storage space so that you will have a secure location for all your excess belongings.

 Get Organized

 Once you’ve cleared out your space, it’s time to get organized. Potential homebuyers WILL open doors and cabinets as they look around. Make sure you clean out any dirt or debris from cabinets. Linen closets and other storage areas should be neatly organized. If you do have kids or pets that have toys, use furniture that doubles as storage. An ottoman with a lid makes a great toy box. Keep a basket in family rooms to tidy up toys or other items before a home viewing. You can store the basket in a closet or take it with you when you leave.

 Cosmetic Fixes

 Bold and bright colors are always fun. But, for a potential homebuyer, those colors can be off-putting. Paint any bold colors with a more neutral color option. Fill in any nail holes in walls with putty and re-touch the paint. If you have broken fixtures or knobs, replace them. Small, inexpensive fixes are necessary to ensure your home sells fast.

 Curb Appeal

 The outside of your home is the first impression for potential homebuyers. Set the stage by placing flowers near the front door. Freshen up any paint that is chipping or looks weathered. Replace broken steps if you have a front porch. You want potential homebuyers to feel welcome and like they are “coming home.”

 Clean It Up

 A dirty house is one of the biggest turn-offs for anyone viewing your home. Make sure you wipe down baseboards, doors, and doorknobs before your first showing. Keep a broom or vacuum handy to quickly get up any mess on the floor. If you have pets in the home, make sure you deodorize rooms and clean up pet messes before showing your home.

 Set The Stage

 A nice touch is making brochures featuring your home. Leave these out for buyers to take with them as they leave. You can also bake cookies to leave out for the buyers. Not only will your house smell great, it will also have a more “homey” feel.

 Putting your house on the market is a stressful process. The home staging process doesn’t have to be if you follow the tips listed above. Keep your home inviting and clean and you should have no problem getting an offer. For help with staging or selling your home, contact D.C. Real Estate Listings today!

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