MD vs VA | Maryland vs Virginia Taxes EXPLAINED!

For the most boring topic in the world – taxes, let’s try to make this fun. Let’s do a case study. Mercina and Leia each got jobs in the DC Metro area and they are trying to decide whether to move to Maryland or Virginia.
Leia’s salary is $90,000 because during her interview, she said the following:
1. Putting on a shirt is the least favorite part of my day.
2. Your brain is so small.
3. My butt crack should be in a museum
4. Everyone’s teeth here are on the outside of their mouth.

Mercina’s salary is $200,000 because she didn’t talk back during her interview. Annie and Ziggy are job-sharing since they each sleep about 18 hours a day. They are making a combined $275,000. Good job Annie and Ziggy! You always were my favorite children.

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